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Our Product

Our play equipment was designed and manufactured in England from a company called SPI Global Play, “Europe’s number one play supplier and manufacturer.” With a reputation for quality and innovation, they have designed and built family entertainment centers across the globe and now for the first time, in Bermuda!

Their innovative play structures provide an exciting, colorful, safe and secure environment for children and adults. As a forward –thinking company, SPI Global Play strives to meet tomorrows needs today with innovative, and environmentally – friendly designs and concepts. Their production facilities are constantly adopting new methods and utilizing new materials to give their clients the very best in quality.

As a minimum requirement, all of their play equipment meets existing safety regulations, *(EN 1176). Upon completion of a project, all of their structures are inspected and certified.


playtrium funWe know safety has to be a serious business. SPI Global Play takes a proactive approach rather than reactive. Not only do they use the latest materials, their factory is also approved to the *TUV manufacturing standard. They continually reinvent their product in line with new manufacturing techniques so you can always be assured that quality and safety is paramount to them, (and to us here at The Playtrium!)


SPI Global Play cares about the environment, and makes sure that with every project they work on they comply with all relevant statutory regulation, provide necessary information to enable employees to operate processes properly and minimize effects on man and environment, and develop the business paying full regard to the environment and taking into account the view of all parties whose interest may be affected.


SPI Global Play offers a professional and high standard installation service. The Playtrium brought in an experienced, professional team of installers with a team leader to assemble our play structures with the precision, quality and safety that you deserve!

*En 1176-The European standard for playground equipment safety inspection code.

*TUV-German: Technischer Uberwachungs-Verein, English: Technical Inspection Association are German organizations that work to validate the safety of products of all kinds to protect humans and the environment against hazards. As independent consultants, they examine plants, motor vehicles, energy installations, amusement rides and indoor playground equipment.

As a result of the TUV companies’ continuous and widespread use, the TUV marks have become distinctive symbols of the companies’ goodwill and valuable assets of the companies.